Promotion Terms

This page will inform you about the terms and conditions of the offers, competitions, draws and promotions offered by Glam & Safe.

Promotions on the website are administered by Glam & Safe ("We", "Glam & Safe", "Our", "Us") with headquarters
at ul. Kluzika 21, 40-583 Katowice.

Our headquarters are located in Katowice and Warsaw.

Promotional Code Terms

These terms and conditions apply to the use of the discount codes ("Code") offered to you by Glam & Safe on
our websites, social media and e-mail campaigns ("Material
Promotional ") (" Promotional Codes "). Promotional codes offer the discounts stated in the promotional materials
("Discount") and may be used for your purchases on the Glam & S afe website

1. To complete an order using a promotional code, you have to select the products you want
buy and then proceed to the payment process where you will have to enter the code provided in
promotional materials ("Code") in the "enter code" box. You can use the rebate code only once. No
you can use the rebate codes with any other discount offer, such as the fall discount you do not combine
with a Christmas discount. You cannot use the discount code for purposes other than those specified in
regulations. You cannot transfer or redeem the discount code for any item, gift, amount,
coupon or other forms of compensation.
2. By using the codes you automatically agree to our regulations. If you do not consent to
conditions contained in the regulations, please do not use the discount code.
3. The rebate code is available for the period of time specified in the promotional materials ("Period
promotion "). After the end of the promotional period, the discount code will no longer be available.
4. Conditions for using the discount code:
1. a) To use the discount code, you must purchase the selected product
2. b) You must be a resident of the country for which the promotional material is valid i
purchase a product on the appropriate page for your country.
3. c) You must be 18 years of age or older. If you are under the age of 18 you may not make
purchase of Glam & Safe products. d) If the rebate code has been sent directly to you,
eg by e-mail, you should not share this with third parties. This code must be used
be only by you.
4. e) You must use the discount code in the manner described in our regulations.

We reserve the right to refuse a discount to a person who does not meet the conditions of its use.

1. We reserve the right to cancel or amend the Promotion Code at any stage where
we deem it necessary and / or there are circumstances beyond our control that affect
incorrect functioning of the Discount Code, such as exceptional circumstances
software malfunction or network malfunction. We will allow it to happen
only when it is unavoidable, but we will always strive to minimize the impact on
participant to avoid unnecessary disappointment.
2. All purchases using a discount code are subject to the terms of sale. Where
products purchased using a promotional code will be returned to us, we will include and
we will deduct the appropriate amount from your refund.
3. The use of a discount code may also be subject to other conditions, e.g. when you received the code at
account registration in Glam & Safe, in this case you must follow the Terms and Conditions for Newly
Registered Clients.

Terms for Newly Registered Customers

These terms and conditions apply to the creation of an account at ("Account"). You must agree to
these terms to create an account. If you do not agree to the terms below, please do not create an account.

1. By completing the registration form (the "Form"), you agree to the opening of an account on the site Creating an account will allow you to shop on our websites, it will allow us to
direct sending of offers to you through the communication methods you have provided
selected, as well as enable us to customize the products you search for during
use of our websites (we use cookies for this purpose - see our Policy
Processing Personal Data for more information).
2. We will process the data that you entered in the form in accordance with ours
Privacy policy. By registering an account at, based on the data that
provided in the form, we will be able to send you our Newsletter and offers
through the form of communication chosen by you. Please notify us immediately if
Your details will change. If you want more information about your data, that
are in our system, please contact our customer service by e-mail
3. You must be 18 years of age or older to open an account at If you are below
18 years of age you must have permission from a parent or guardian to register on our website,
and through the registration process you confirm that you have obtained such permission. Having an account is not
tantamount to the possibility of making any purchase due to the fact that they are on the site
inter alia, products available only to consumers over 18
4. You must follow the Terms of Use when using our website.
5. All purchases made using your account are subject to our Terms of Sale.
6. If you participate in our promotions, you must also abide by our Terms and Conditions
Promotion and our Promotion Code Terms if you use a promotion code on yours
7. These terms and conditions are governed by Polish law.
8. Our company is an unregistered economic activity. If you have a question about your
account on, please contact our Customer Service at the following e-mail address:
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