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Glam & Safe ("We", "Glam & Safe", "Our", "Nas") with its headquarters at Kluzika 21, 40-583 Katowice is
the owner and administrator of the website at the following address: (“Pages
Internet ").

Our headquarters are located in Katowice and Warsaw.

These terms and conditions (Terms) explain the rules for the use of websites and the information contained therein
as a guest or registered user. Usage includes unlimited access, viewing, and registration
on these pages, as well as any input from the customer (defined below).

These terms also define how you can contact us using your accounts on the portals
social networks (including without limitation our accounts on: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube) ("Portals
Social "). The interaction in this context includes boundless: joining our official website
Glam & Safe, follow us, like us, distribute our posts, or leave comments
referring to our site, or any contribution by the user (defined below) on the portals
social media.

The sites and social networks will be collectively referred to as "Services" in these Terms.

Please also see our Terms of Sale that apply to the purchase of products from websites like
also the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, which relate to the information collected during your
use of the Services or other Glam & Safe websites.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using our Services. Through
use of our websites and interaction on social networks, you agree to
these terms, the Privacy Policy, the Cookies Policy and the Terms of Sale as well as compliance
their. If you do not agree to our terms, please do not use our Services on our sites

You are responsible to make sure that each person using our websites for
through your internet connection is aware of and abides by our terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms. The terms were last updated on
October 31, 2020
the content of the services
The content of the services is provided for general information only. They are not intended to provide advice on where to be

We will update our Services from time to time, and we may change their content on any occasion

Although we make every effort to update information about the Services on a regular basis, we cannot give you that
a guarantee or confirmation that the content of the Services is accurate, complete and current.

We cannot guarantee that the Services or any content on them will always be available. We have
the right to suspend, revoke, discontinue, or amend all or part of the Services without prior notice.
your account details

When you register an account on the Glam & Safe websites ("Account") you will need to use an email address and
password to log in ("Login Information"). Your login and password must be kept confidential, therefore you cannot make them
share with third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy for details
information about how we will use information about you.

We reserve the right to close / block an account if a search using
Proxy IP addresses (Internet Protocol Addresses) to try to hide the use of multiple accounts, or to interfere with it
services we provide in any way, as well as failure to comply with our terms and conditions.

If you know or suspect that someone other than you knows your login details, please notify us immediately
us by contacting our Customer Service Department at the following e-mail address:
content upload
You can submit reviews, profiles, photos, videos, instructions, comments, questions, opinions, ideas, suggestions
or any other information or material through our pages or social networking sites relating to
to our sites, products, promotions and others that you want to comment on, only if they are compatible
with our terms set out below ("Contribution Terms").
Contribution Conditions
By contributing, you agree that we and third parties acting on our behalf may use or
contact you about your contribution.

By submitting your contribution, you are giving us permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable, subject
sublicensing the right and licenses to use, store, copy, reproduce, modify,
edit, adapt, translate, delete, publish, create derivative works, execute,
the sale and / or distribution of these Contributions and the right to use them in any way, in full
or pieces around the world without any compensation to you. By sending a contribution
the user waives all rights of resale, reproduction and personal rights to the Contribution
including your unlimited right to be assigned to a Contribution and your right to object
improper treatment of this Contribution.

All Contributions will not be considered confidential.

Contribution Standards.

Contributions must:

1. be accurate (where it states the facts);
2. be factual (if they state opinions);
3. be compliant with the guidelines (set out below);
4. Comply with all applicable laws.

Contributions may NOT:

1. Contain content that is defamatory, indecent, offensive or immoral;
2. Promote erotic material;
3. Promote violence;
4. Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, age or
sexual orientation;
5. Promote or support any illegal activity, including but not limited to
violence, computer abuse or violation of another person's intellectual property rights (including
but not limited to copyright, trademark or database rights);

6. Be the result of actions that violate a legal obligation towards third parties, for example an obligation
contractual or confidentiality obligation;
7. Be intimidating, offensive, unpleasant, violating someone's privacy, causing stress and / or shame to others
8. Cheat or be used to impersonate any other person or
misrepresenting your identity or relationship with another person;
9. Give the impression that they come from us if this is not true;
10. Suggest any relationship with us in case it has nothing to do with us;
11. Be published by third parties for a fee
12. Contain computer viruses or other potentially harmful programs or files


General guidelines

1. You must have the permission of everyone included or identifiable in yours
Contribution (both in the photo, videos or other)
2. Your attachment must be created by you and not copied from any work created
by others;
3. You can only upload photos and videos that you took yourself or where you own the rights to
their use in your Contribution. You have to make sure that the owner of the photos or videos website will be there
informed of the intention to publish them.
4. Product reviews should relate to the products and therefore the photos should show
the products and / or how to use the product;
5. Do not promote competitors or the price of the product;
6. You must be 16 years of age or older to post a Contribution. If you are under 18 you must
have permission from a parent or guardian to post a Contribution, and thereby you acknowledge,
that you have obtained such permission.

Please contact us ("Contact Details") if you have issues that require immediate attention.

Photo Guidelines:

Photos must meet the following conditions:

1. Photos must be in BMP, PNG, GIF or JPEG format
2. The photo size cannot exceed 5MB
3. The photo must be at least 100 pixels high;
4. The image must be at least 100 pixels wide.

We have the right to decide whether any Contribution standards have been breached. If we find that
our Contribution standards and policies have been breached in any way, we will take any action
we consider appropriate, including:

1.immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of the right to use our website;
2. immediate, temporary or permanent removal of any Contribution;
3. Warning;
4. We will take legal action against you
5. If necessary, we will disclose information to law enforcement authorities if deemed necessary.

We do not guarantee that your Contribution will be published. We reserve the right to change
reduce or remove any Contribution for any reason.

We are not legally liable to third parties for the content and accuracy of your Contributions.
The user is responsible and liable for any loss or damage suffered by
our relationship with your Contribution.

The views and opinions of other users do not represent our views and values.

You are solely responsible for backing up your attachments.
intellectual property rights
Intellectual property rights in the Services (including without limitation the content and software used in the services)
remains our property or the property of the licensor (if applicable). These rights are protected by rights
copyright treaties around the world and are expressly reserved.

Any use of our services, including, without limitation, copying in whole or in part, for use
commercial use is prohibited without our prior written consent.

You can print a copy and / or download excerpts from any Glam & Safe website for personal use.

You can not:

1. Use any part of the content of our Services for commercial purposes without obtaining a license from us;
2. Modify the paper or digital copies of any material you have printed or
you downloaded from our Services, and you may not use any illustrations, photos, videos, recordings or
graphics taken out of context. You are not authorized to publish, manipulate, distribute or
the reproduction of any content or a copy of the content in any format that was provided to you or is
described in our Services.
3. Modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create
derivative materials based on our software or accompanying documentation
provided by us or our licensors on our Services.
4. Use or reproduce the name or logo of "Glam & Safe" (or any similar) without our written consent

Our status (and that of any identified contributors) as authors of content for the Services must always be

Your interaction with us on social networks may include your content, photos or videos ("your

By interacting with us on social networks, you provide us with a permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive,
transferred, the license to use your content on social media on our sites
websites or any other sources reported on relevant social networks.

This includes an unlimited license to use, copy, modify, edit, adapt,
publishing, translating, derivative works, disseminating, performing and displaying content
(or any portion of the Content) worldwide and / or incorporate it into other works in any form, media or
technologies known now or later developed. The application can also include sharing
Your Content with trusted third parties.

If you print, copy, or download any part of the services in violation of these Terms, yours
your right to use the Services will be terminated immediately and you will have to return or destroy
any copies of materials that were created by you.
limitation of liability

Nothing in these Terms shall exclude or limit our liability for death or personal responsibility
injuries resulting from our negligence, fraud or willful misrepresentation as well
any other liability of ours that cannot be excluded or limited by law.

To the extent permitted by law, we may exclude any conditions, warranties, representations or otherwise
other terms that may apply to the Services or any content therein, whether explicit or implied.

Glam & Safe is not liable for any damage or loss, regardless of whether it is contractual or
tort (including negligence) or breach of statutory obligations or on any other basis, even in
situations where they are foreseeable, arising from or related to the use or the inability to use
our Services or your use and reliance on any content found on our Services.

Please note that we only provide Services for domestic and private use. We do not agree to
using or using our Services for commercial or business purposes without first taking
official cooperation or obtaining our consent. We are not responsible for any loss, loss
profits, business interruption or loss of business opportunity.

We will not be responsible for any loss or damage as a result of the DDos attack, action
a virus or other harmful element that has infected computer hardware, software, data or other
user files in connection with the use of our Services or related to the download of any content
our Services, as well as websites associated with them.

We cannot guarantee that the services will be safe and free from bugs or viruses.

You are responsible for setting up information technology, computer programs and the platform in
to access the Services. Please use your own anti-virus software.
You may not abuse our Services.

With regard to services, you may not: introduce viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or
other materials that may be harmful or technically dangerous or infringe
Trust, or privacy are in some way offensive or obscene websites too
through denial of service (denial of service) or distributed blocking attack (DDoS) attacks;
commit or induce to commit an offense; corrupt data; causing irritation to others
users; infringe the rights of others and their property rights (including, without limitation, their property rights
intellectual); transmitting or sending any unsolicited advertising material or
promotional / "spam"; attempt to affect the performance or functionality of any other
a computer accessing the Sites to host any aspect of the Services; as well as damage
data. By breaching this provision, you are committing an offense under the Abuse Act
Computer Misuse Act of 1990. We will report any such violations to
law enforcement authorities and we will cooperate with those authorities by disclosing yours
identity. In the event of the above-mentioned violations, your right to use the Services will remain
interrupted immediately.

You may not use the Services for commercial purposes (including without limitation the use of automated
systems and software to extract data from services) without our written consent.
Links to third parties and resources on our websites
Where the Services contain links to other websites and resources provided by the parties
third, these links are provided for your information only. We have no control over the content of these sites and

We are not responsible in any way for the content of any websites linked to the Services. Such links
should not be construed as endorsed by us or in any way related to our site. After
activating any of these links will cause you to leave our Services and we do not have over them
inspection and will not be held responsible for any loss or damage that may result from
using them.
social media
By interacting with us on social networks (including without limitation joining our official
Glam & Safe groups / websites or by following us on social networks by "liking", "sharing", "reposting",
by writing comments on social networks in relation to our Sites). ("Interaction" or
"Interactions" (if applicable)) you consent to our interaction with you on the portals
social networks and the processing of information made available on them.

Information about you that may be collected when you interact with us on social networks
may include, but are not limited to, your name, user profile, age, preferences, choices and views in
relating to the topic or subject presented on social networks, your photos and others
images and videos.

Your interaction with us on social networks may also include yours
a photo or video ("Your Photo").

If you want to stop interacting with Glam & Safe on social networks or stop using
any information about you on social networks, please let us know by contacting us
with us at the address below.

By interacting with us (whether on websites, social media or otherwise), you
consents and grants Glam & Safe a permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable license for your use
images and content for the purposes of promoting, advertising and distributing Glam & Safe goods and services, including without
restrictions on participation in any promotional activity and in any medium, including without
restrictions; television, social networks, on our websites, in the press and on external sites
advertising materials. We may use your photo and Contribution for additional purposes that will remain
described in detail when we receive your photo and / or under other promotional conditions and on
terms which will be presented on our Promotion Terms page.

You may be able to log into social networks by clicking the "share" button.
By logging in to social networks through this service, we will be able to enrich and
personalize your use of our Sites. As part of this service, social networks
provide us with access to certain information that has been saved on your social networks,
we will use, store and disclose this information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. These functions
are run for convenience and integration only and the provision of these features is not a recommendation
or recommendation.
We do everything in our power to make the availability of our Sites and Services convenient and safe for you
all. You will notice changes to the Pages in the coming year. Improvements in navigation, reading text,
colors and the use of screen readers.
applicable law
The terms and their form are governed by Polish law. You and we both agree that Polish courts have jurisdiction
non-exclusive for the resolution of any disputes arising from or in connection with the Services.

Contact details
If you have any questions about this document, please contact us.

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