Self-defense keychain is the latest hit among self-defense accessories for women. It is handy and easy to use, it contains elements that will help you cope with any situation. We can freely modify its appearance, for example by attaching pepper spray or house keys to it.

The PINK DREAM self-defense key ring includes:

  • pink personal alarm equipped with a flashlight, volume: 130dB (for comparison, the sound of an ambulance siren is about 80dB)

  • pink kubotan , perfect for a person trapped in a vehicle, for example, to break the glass

  • pink brass knuckles

  • a portable pocket in a shade of marble pink

  • Material bracelet in a shade of marble pink

  • heart-shaped pompom

  • moisturizing lip gloss (after finishing it, we can fill the container with any cosmetic)

For the PINK DREAM self-defense pendant, we recommend you buy Glam & Safe pepper spray , thanks to which you will gain even more self-confidence and safety.

Keep everything important always at hand!


PINK DREAM self-defense keychain

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    • DPD courier Cash on delivery PLN 21.89
    • For purchases over PLN 200, delivery is FREE!
  • Glam & Safe is a brand created for women. We offer luxurious products that are to ensure the highest level of safety and also look beautiful, thanks to which our clients will want to have them always with them!

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