Los Angeles is pink pepper spray for women with a gold chain. It is the sweetest product in our offer. Its external appearance is not like pepper spray, but a cute and trendy accessory.

Thanks to the key ring, it can be attached to a purse, backpack or keys and always at hand. Our product is the perfect pepper spray for every girl. It looks beautiful, you can always have it at hand, and its very high power guarantees effectiveness.

A sliding lock secures the product against accidental use, and a beautiful golden clasp allows you to attach pepper spray and be safe in any situation.

Our product is a proven self-defense measure for girls, the use of which will incapacitate the attacker for about 30 minutes. Its correct use does not cause any side effects, and its possession is completely legal in Poland!

Pepper Strip for Girls Glam & Safe won the trust of parents, charmed women and impressed men. Join the ranks of satisfied and safe gas owners, such as Selena Gomez!

Buy it and clip it on. You're beautiful, stay safe !



LOS ANGELES Pepper Spray For Women

    • The product contains 25 ml of pepper spray with a dye visible in UV light, which allows you to unmask the attacker.
    • The gas is laboratory tested.
    • It has a very high power thanks to the 10% concentration of OC and the strength of 2 million on the Scoville SHU scale. It is one of the most potent concentrations for pepper spray, making it very effective .
    • Thanks to the radius of destruction up to 3.6m, we don't have to worry about an inaccurate hit. All we have to do is use it in the right direction.
    • Created by women for women!