London is a luxurious intense pink pepper spray. It is covered with cubic zirconias that give it a sparkle . This design means that London does not look like ordinary pepper spray, but a stylish accessory that you can always have at hand . Like all Glam & Safe pepper spray, London has the function of attaching it to virtually any accessory .

Glam & Safe pepper spray is equipped with a sliding and easy-to-use lock that effectively prevents accidental use of the gas. It is extremely effective and inconspicuous at the same time.

Our product is a proven defense measure , the use of which causes the attacker to be overpowered for about 30 minutes. Its correct use does not cause any side effects, and its possession is completely legal in Poland !

Join the group of satisfied and safe owners of our gas, such as Selena Gomez !

Buy it and clip it on. You are beautiful, stay safe!



LONDON Pepper Spray For Women

    • The product contains 25 ml of pepper spray with a dye visible in UV light, which allows you to unmask the attacker.
    • The gas is laboratory tested.
    • It has a very high power thanks to the 10% concentration of OC and the strength of 2 million on the Scoville SHU scale. This is one of the strongest concentrations for pepper spray, making it very effective .
    • Thanks to the radius of destruction up to 3.6m, we do not have to worry about an inaccurate hit. All we have to do is use it in the right direction.
    • Created by women for women!