BLACK is a beautiful heart shaped black security alarm. Its surface is covered with shiny particles. Thanks to its appearance and light weight, it can be attached to any accessory and always at hand. With BLACK alarm, you can enjoy your safety every day.

How does the security alarm work?

By pressing the button twice, an alarm with a power of 115 db is triggered, which is as loud as the ambulance signals. Such a loud signal will surely attract the attention of people nearby and scare away a potential attacker.

The BLACK alarm is additionally equipped with a flashlight that makes it easy to find the keys in a purse or hit the door lock when it is dark.

Our security alarm is the perfect product for all women. Even for the little ones! Pink is one of the few products that increase the safety of children.

Take care of your safety now by using Glam & Safe products!

Glam And Safe

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BLACK Personal Alarm

  • We should have our personal alarm at hand at all times. We suggest fastening to the house or car keys. Attaching our personal alarm to a purse or backpack will also be a great choice.